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1.1 How can I exchange my item?

Not completely satisfied with the ordered items? Unfortunately, but this can happen! If the items meet our conditions, you can Exchange them with another item (s).

1.2 What are the exchange conditions?

Exchanges are only possible within the set exchange period ( 7 days )
For the items to be returned they must be unworn and all tags must be attached.
For the items to be returned, they do not contain any traces of uses and/or make-up stains after fitting.
Pay attention! If the returned items do not meet these conditions, we will not be able to process your exchange.

1.3 My item is damaged, delivered incorrectly or incomplete, what should I do? 

We are sorry that something went wrong with your order! If something is wrong: email us at

webshop@maisonrunway.com with the complaint and send us a photo. Then we will try to solve it for you as soon as possible!


Damaged item:

A damaged article must of course be replaced by a correct article as soon as possible. Send us an email with photo and information and we will send you a new item upon receipt of the damaged item.You cannot claim under the warranty with:

  • Damage due to intent or negligence
  • Exceptional wear
  • Damage due to failure to follow the washing instructions
  • Losing of studs, strass, stones or any other accessories on the item

Wrongly delivered:

Did you receive an item in the wrong size, or received a different color than ordered? Please contact us at

webshop@maisonrunway.com . Send us an e-mail with a photo and information and we will send a new item after receipt of the incorrectly delivered item.

Incomplete order:

Is an item missing in your package and you have not received an email from us that an item may be out of stock? Please contact us at webshop@maisonrunway.com

It is often the case that the item in question has run out, or is sent separately from another warehouse. In the first case, the money will be refunded to your account as soon as possible and you will receive an email from this. In the second case, the package often follows a few days later.


2.1 How do I place an order

Placing an order is a simple process. Choose your favorite item(s), choose the right size and then click "add to cart".

The item has now been placed in your shopping cart. Are you ready to checkout? Click on your shopping cart at the top right of the page. Here you see the items that you have placed in your shopping cart. Is your order satisfactory? Then click on "Complete order". Then follow all steps to complete your order. After your order has been paid you will receive a confirmation email.

2.2 Where can I find information about the product?

For each item there is a heading "Product Information" on the page.

Here you will find the most important information about the product. The fit is normal unless stated otherwise. If you still have questions, feel free to email us to

webshop@maisonrunway.com .

After you have completed and paid for your order, it will be prepared for shipment as soon as possible. For that reason it is no longer possible to cancel your order.

Have you placed an order, but not yet paid and do you wish to cancel? Please contact us at webshop@maisonrunway.com .

A discount code can be entered in the "discount code" box. Pay attention! A discount code is not valid on discounted or sale items.

2.5 The product is sold out, will it be back on the website?

It may be that items are temporarily sold out and are being restocked. If the item you want is out of stock, or is missing your size, please contact us. Items from the sale are no longer restocked.


3.1 How can I pay at Maison Runway?

Cash on Delivery for local orders
Card payment for International orders



4.1 How long does it take to receive my order?

We know that every fashion girl wants to have her ordered items at home as quickly as possible. That is why we do our best to ship it the same day. After payment has been received, the package will be prepared and shipped the same day. This will be delivered within 2 to 7 working days (if all goes well and the mail cooperates).


4.2 What are the shipping costs?

Upon checkout you can have information about your shipping cost

4.3 Where is my order?

Sometimes an item is unexpectedly sold out quickly and we have to turn our entire warehouse upside down to find your item. As a result, it can sometimes take a little longer before your order is shipped. If the item is really sold out, you will receive an email from us and the money will be refunded to your account as soon as possible.

Is your order complete and shipped? Then you will receive a shipping confirmation. Later you will receive an email from the courier with a tracking number with which the order can be followed.